Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cell Phones the New Social Entrepreneur

I just bought a new cell phone. I upgraded my old Verizon LG EnV to a HTC droid. This phone does everything short of walking the dog and as soon as I got it I quickly threw my old dinosaur of a phone into a drawer in my room. That drawer serves as my own personal cell phone crypt. I still have the first cell phone I ever got when I was sixteen years olds followed by every new “got to have it” phone that came out as years passed. I never throw them away but they’re doing nothing more than taking up valuable space in my room and reminding me of how far technology has advanced in just a few years. Looking at the stack of old phones got me thinking, there has to be something I could do with these phone that’ll actually be worth doing. Then I stumbled upon gives you an escape to get those in the way old phones out of your way while simultaneously creating an opportunity for someone else in need. According to their site “When your old phone is received by the recycling center, it is given a value. We’ll use this value to purchase appropriate, usable cell phones for community health workers at the medical clinics. The average donated phone in the US will allow us to purchase 2-3 cell phones for clinics.” And it’s just as easy as that. When you visit you immediately see a donate button that will direction you step by step as to what you need to do. The old adage rings true with this organization’s spirit and unique take on social entrepreneurship: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

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