Tuesday, March 9, 2010

For Profit vs. Non Profit

Social entrepreneurs are typically associated with people who's only goal is to bring about a social change that will make the world a better place. They aren't seen as a group of people who have an economic angle attached to their ideas of a better humanity but that type of social entrepreneur is alive and well and on the rise. The for profit sector of social entrepreneurship has taken off recent and people are finding ways to promote their social causes while creating a profit for themselves. A lot of people are beginning to feel that those not for profit organizations are being left in the dust and forgotten because of the glitz and glamour of their for profit counterparts. For profit social ventures are fast becoming the face of social entrepreneurship. They generate more money and therefore have a larger platform to get their ideas out into the public. Their more known, are moving at fast rates that the not for profit and are able to fix their social issues a lot faster than the not for profit are.
I personally feel that regardless of whether or not the social entrepreneur is for or not for profit their goals are essentially the same. They want to create a sustaiable change in world that will better the lives of everyone on earth.

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