Saturday, March 20, 2010

Top Chef Guerilla Marketing Style

As a part of our second case study, we were asked to create a short marketing video using geuerilla marketing. Finding a way to effectively market a company that is literally on the other side of the country wasn't easy and it wasn't easy to find a way to illicit the attention of college students who were busy enjoying our new spring weather. We had to find a fool proof way of getting them to stop tanning, throwing frisbees, or just enjoying the sun; and come check out our marketing scheme. Lee with his bag of goodies (and all colleges students love free food and candy) approached each and every group of students out on the EUC lawn, donned in his chef's coat and basketball shorts. He told them there was a cooking show about to start and handed them all candy to entice them to come and check out the show. Needless to say, me following him with a camera and our table set up in the middle of the sidewalk with bowls and snacks all over it was enough to scratch at students' curiosity. Once we started our show, Lee went into work mode and shared with the crowd our objective and why were were having the cooking show. He then proceeded to engage people by blending different ingredients in a large bowl. Ingredients that are needed to create success in Rubicon's goals. Ingredients such as doctors, architects, marketing majors and business majors alike. Once all the "ingredients" were mixed there was no chance of failure. The crowd enjoyed the short demonstration and we effectively brought attention to a cause beyond us all. Top Chef has nothin' UNCG's own guerila marketing chef guru!


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