Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week 6: Social Entrprenuers Motive, helping the people or themselves? (an independent thought)

The idea of a social entrepreneur is a thing of beauty. Here is a person who actually wants to help assist with a need of their own community. A person who wants to "clean up" or resurrect a community in ruin if you will. Someone who is will bring hope and help for the people of the community most in need. As a person in need this is beautiful and as a person who cares about the well-being of others this is great, but what about the self-indulged opportunist. This is my independent thought, what about the selfish who only see this as an opportunity to line their own pockets by creating an illusion of helping others.

We're not talking about the irresponsible, those who have good intentions and mishandle money. This is solely as a question about the people who would take a non-profit opportunity and turn it into a for-profit opportunity. How can we prevent it? How do you recognize it when it happens? How do you screen for it? Is this really a question? The answer to the last question is easy, yes! Not sure how to screen for it, recognize it, or prevent it but it does happen and it is a problem. My question and purpose for this blog is to ask, is our only answer adding another type of social entrepreneur to oversee the others to determine their authenticity. There are people in the world that do take the misfortunes of others to make an opportunity to line up themselves financially. There are church organizations that have been found in falsehoods, group home founders, ect, that have shown in our current history that the only people they want to help is themselves and yet there is no clear system in place to keep these people out of the loop.

If you ask yourselves any one question let it be this, what is the most effective way to delete untrue social entrepreneurs?

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