Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 9: Meeting with the Barnabas Network

This week "Four-Titude" met with our non-profit organization that we have chosen to work with for our practicum hours. We met one time to find out what the needs were of this organization, and this time we talked more details because it is coming up quickly when we will have to start working hours to complete our final project.
The following were needs that Erin Stratford (the executive director) identified.
1)Connect with corportations (preferably furniture and mattress retailers) to either
a) sponsor barnabas financially
b) become a partner agency
c) support a family ( a referral cost is $25.00 a family)
d) or set up a "scholarship" program- $500.00 dollars provides 25 families with furniture for their homes

2) Set up consistent relationships with medium sized mattress companies to either help deliver used mattresses they are picking up from customers, to donate new mattresses (less likely), or to cut some sort of deal with them to help put children in a bed.
3) They need ideas to help communicate who they are to a wider audience
a) Guerrilla marketing of some kind
b) Talk with sign makers to see if they are willing to donate a truck sign
c) possibly talk to the wood working dept. of UNCG to see if they would make a sign for the Barnabas Network as a project- whether it be now or the immediate future
4) ask people to give (either a one time gift or consistently)$100.00 to give a new mattress to a child.

We have been overwhelmed with all of these possibilities. We hope to be able to get a relationship with a few places, such as Rooms to Go, in order to help this company. They are willing to put any company's name on many of their items, to show that they are fulfilling their CSR, but at the same time they are not willing to be "owned" by any one company.

Our group will strive to help this worthy organization with anything we can in the allotted time given to us. I can't wait to see what will happen!

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